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             Patricia Ghonda-Zola {Owner & Designer}

    Crocheting first started as a hobby, something that my sisters and I shared with our grandmother as little girls. 

We started out making baby blankets then progressed to hats and booties for any baby around us. 

    We carried our crochet hooks and yarns in our little purses just so we can crochet wherever we were going. It didn't matter where. I remember hiding in my mother's fashion studio just to crochet. 


   One day, she found me and decided to put me to work by cutting loose threads on each sewn pieces around. By the time I was a teenager, I started helping my mother with some of the sewing in between my crochet projects.  

   As years went on, we got older and our talents got better however I find myself being the only sister with the passion to continue crocheting.  I followed my heart and started creating more and more crochet items and sewing some children pieces and giving them away. I loved seeing my creations on little innocent faces.  

   Later on, the idea came to create a business with exceptional quality, cutest design, modern look and affordable prices in mind. Clothes to help cherish each baby moments, from baby shower, the arrival of a newborn, toddler years and beyond. 


   In early 2010 after numerous debates for the name, I decided to go with "ANZHELIKA". My grandmother's first name which means "Angel" and that was the birth of "ANZHELIKA CROCHET" .


   Today, I make various handmade children crochet and sewn apparel as well as accessories for the whole family. 


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